Dating a crossdresser

To be transsexual require consistent economy resources, other than big determination and wish to live your own life with the gender identity you feel to belong.

It is good to be aware of this, if you are a trans-oriented man like me or simply a trans lover.

The ranges of ages are wide, from young 20 teen ( and even younger ) till the more adult age, over forty, and even more mature.

Of course, the begin of hormone replacement therapy ( also called hormonal cures ), has better results if started in young age.

Some do it just for sex, or to earn some money ( the so-called mercenaries ).

They could be simply gay man who are bottom / passive; that like to play the female role in intimate cross-dressing.

About two weeks ago I found all the undergarments and nighties, a wig and two semi blown up balloons. Is there anyone out there who can shed some light on this.

First I was in shock and now am trying to accept everything because he is a wonderful man.

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To be a transsexual woman on west side, it’s a difficult condition compared to Asia. Many transsexuals women the first period of their “Metamorphosis” ( allow me the term, or Transition if you like) and self-identify of gender identity, they have been already in the phase of cross-dressing.Where masculine feature and male manners are more developed.Then, they will look more like Transvestites, rather a transsexual woman, even if they are no more crossdresser!That’s why they don’t live their femininity at the light of day 24 on 7 as transsexual women do.It could also be because there are economic problems or family obstacles when these are against.Exist many who want to be transsexual, but forced to live in transvestite condition.The reasons that can prevent ( stop ) the transition for transvestites aspiring to be transgender are different.Some crossdresser aspiring transsexual ( sadly for them ), will never confront the transition path, the cosmetic process, and eventually surgery operation, for better living as a woman.Some will prefer (or forced ) to live as transvestite ( normally only at night, or during intimate moments ), because of these fears and problems, or because they don’t see themselves passable enough as woman.A Major reason if you having a relationship with a westerner transsexual woman for the first time.Transgender women are very proud, and it’s right they are such because their life requires a lot of courage, efforts and determination.

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