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Said aloud the name sounds like “creo en paz” — “I believe in peace.” Soldiers there are trained to deploy with UN missions in places like Haiti or the Congo, sometimes alongside troops from Canada and the United States.

Yet Hernandez’s presence at the­­ site pointed to its darker past.

After a long career that included excavations at Little Big Horn and identifying the body of Nazi scientist Josef Mengele, Snow had, in his 60s, adopted the idea that forensics held the key to untangling the brutal legacies of Cold War-era military dictatorships in places like Chile, Argentina, and Guatemala, where US-backed governments and intelligence services embarked on campaigns of so-called “forced disappearances” against their own people.

In the late 1990s, after he had spent years in Argentina building a crack forensics team to investigate that country’s politically motivated atrocities, he went to Guatemala to do the same thing.

Now 58, she sat in a spare room of her house in Coban next to her friend, Marta Macz, 64.

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They cleared grass from areas where the land seemed to dip, as though the soil had been disturbed decades before.Those trials represented an electrifying new development: after fifteen years of foot dragging, the Ministerio Publico, Guatemala’s independent prosecutor's office, was finally cracking down on the country's former military leaders. The Families By the time Maria Luisa Col's husband Otto disappeared in 1983, it was an open secret in the villages around Coban that the military was kidnapping people.“There were those who knew and those who hadn't figured it out yet,” she said. He wasn't involved in anything.’ They didn't understand that didn’t matter.” She was 23 then, with four children.Constant flooding had scrambled the skeletons into a solid mass of bone and clay. “With care.” Since it was founded in 1993, the FAFG has exhumed thousands of victims of wartime massacres and military kidnappings, and helped establish the hard science to ground stories of violence.The exhumations have brought a measure of peace to families around Guatemala, and in recent years been central to trials of cases ranging from the Dos Erres Massacre, in which 200 villagers were murdered by government forces in northern Guatemala, and in the 2014 trial of former military dictator General Efrain Rios Montt.If the person you were looking for wasn't in the morgue, there was nothing you could do.” The war hadn’t yet ended, but the FAFG moved in to fill the niche.The organization was the brainchild of Clyde Snow, an Oklahoma scientist generally credited with being the father of forensic anthropology — the discipline of telling people’s lives from their bones.Both went to District 21 soon after the disappearances to look for their relatives.Both left empty handed; the soldiers on base denied any knowledge of their family members’ whereabouts.Col spent the rest of the war in fear, certain she would be next.In other houses families refused to speak of their vanished children; others clung to hope.

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