Dating for spiritualists

If on the contrary we are the ones who want to bring about a meeting with the dead through "evocation" with spiritualistic techniques, already in the Old Testament God spoke clearly in this respect and told us that he abominates anyone who does these things. Q: Spiritualistic practices promise consolation and contact with dead persons.

What can be said, from the Christian point of view, to those who seek this approach to the beyond?

The cases of infestation or diabolic possession, in which exorcist priests have had to intervene after a spiritualistic séance, show clearly how this practice is a favorite way for the devil's destructive action on people.

Given what I have just said, it can readily be understood how this is absolutely impossible. But it is not unusual to meet Christians who are somewhat superstitious. Father Bamonte: Superstition is a sin against the First Commandment.

Christian faith and superstition are in open contradiction and yet not a few Christians are afraid of a black cat crossing the street, spilled oil, the numbers 13 or 17.

In this interview with Zenit, Father Bamonte describes in detail the physical and psychic damages caused by spiritualism. Do you think that people who fall into spiritualistic practices are seeking the truth in a mistaken way? Spiritualistic practices are a mistaken way of seeking truth.

People hope to receive real information on God, man, the beyond, the past, present and future, from what they think are the souls of the dead.

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