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The song with Timbaland is particularly interesting, because that doesn't sound at all like a Timbaland beat to me. I know you're touring, but I just wanted to know what's up after that. Pitchfork: Does that seem like a pretty permanent solution right now? A.: I'm only here on a year visa, so if you could just advertise, I'm looking for a husband. Does it seem like you'll actually be able to live here?

Pitchfork: Let's talk about the people who actually did play a part on this record. A.: Yeah, he kind of made that beat on the day I got there. Timbaland was really amazing, but by the time I met him I already had most of the album done, so it was really difficult for me to make it work. I'm just curious what your plan is for the immediate future. A.: I'm just going to tour because I haven't toured for a long, long, long time, and I think this time I'm just going to have more fun with it. Until they kick me out of the country again I'll be here.

I'm one big question mark, and maybe that's something to add to everything and then people will be less judgmental, you know, less stereotypical and less whatever.

And in terms of politics and stuff like that, yeah, I'm an artist and I have been to undeveloped countries and I can use my press and stuff like that and if it is about being intelligent and having that best intelligence community in the whole planet investigating news and making it known that I grew up without a father and, you know, coming from a single-parent family affected me more. I have no ties to my dad, I had no communications with him, it didn't shape who I am or anything like that, I'm actually a product of my mom.

You seem to take very specific political statements-- I'm thinking of lines like, "I put people on the map that never seen a map"-- and turn them into declaratory sentences. A.: Well, it's like this: I think basically the message is the moment for me right now.

Certainly did not lack for confidence, but this record seems even more up-front and perhaps confrontational.

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