Zircon fission track dating humphreys

Varietal studies of individual mineral species minimize these possible errors further.

Optical differentiation of colour or habit of minerals such as tourmaline is a somewhat subjective varietal method, whereas single-grain geochemical analysis, such as microprobe analysis of detrital garnet, avoids the problem of subjectivity.

For this reason we cannot predict the future importance of specimens being registered in the collections right now.

Zircon concentrated from stream gravel from Rocky River, Uralla, New South Wales, had been in the collection for 85 years before being used for Fission Track radioactive dating.

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Seventy years later, the fragments were analysed as part of a joint study between the Australian Museum and a gemstone laboratory in Switzerland, into the origins of Australian sapphire and ruby.

Sources must be cited in the debate, and not given in Comments or elsewhere. Con may not introduce new evidence or arguments in the last round, because Pro has no space in the debate to reply. However, normal rules of evidence apply, and the triers of fact may weigh the credibility of the evidence before considering it.

Thus, when judging a debate by a preponderance, the judges should picture a giant scale.

The results showed that these sapphires were from a magmatic (molten rock) source, not from a metamorphic (rock changed by heat ant/or pressure) source.

In this debate, Pro will argue the evidence that the earth is younger than 10,000 years, and Con will argue the evidence that the earth is older than 10,000 years.

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