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The most important of these chips are called the chipset.They are called that even if it is really only one chip.

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This is a good time to talk about static electricity. Okay, it's probably good for some things but it's bad for computers.If you don't know what those are, then you probably already have them.Only administrators are allowed to install and uninstall drivers and most other software.Both NVIDIA and ATI tell you to disable your virus scanner before installing video drivers.I don't know how often they really interfere with driver installations.But if you're the sort who likes to be careful then it's a good idea to make a system restore point before you start making any changes.A system restore point keeps track of the state of your computer's software at a given point in time.You can read more about system restores on this page.You don't need to make system restore points if you don't think it's worth the trouble. But if you're new to installing video cards then you might as well take a minute and make a restore point.This is where we get to talk about grounding and you need to consider whether your house was wired by a complete idiot.The power cable which plugs into the wall has three wires. (It's also called the earth wire or the earth ground wire).

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