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In 2007, several additional small and medium clubs had closed, although new live-music venues spring up without warning.Things began turning around somewhat in 20, as evidenced by a slew of new bar, live music venue and restaurant openings.Deep Ellum continues to maintain and grow its place as a cultural and musical center for the DFW Metroplex.Despite the decline of a decade ago, you can now walk down Elm Street on a weekend and witness hundreds of pedestrians, bicycles, motorcycles, and automobiles, with dozens of venues, restaurants, storefronts, and parking lots crowded and thriving.

Designed by architect John Graham, who designed many regional facilities for Ford during the early 1900s, the building was constructed as an assembly plant for the famous Ford Model T.

For a time, Deep Ellum struggled with a perception of a high crime rate that made people reluctant to visit the area.

In mid-2006, local papers had begun to report the near-demise of the neighborhood, as a large percentage of the long-time live music venues had closed that year, leaving mostly clubs oriented more towards 'hip hop' and other music, dancing and drinking, and radically altering the "feel" of.

Union Bankers Trust Building, located at 2551 Elm Street, is one of the better known Landmarks in Deep Ellum.

Constructed in 1916 as the Knights of Pythias Temple, the building was designed by African-American architect William Sydney Pittman, the state's first black architect and the son-in-law of Booker T. In addition to serving as the state headquarters for the Knights, the temple housed some of the city's earliest offices for black doctors, dentists and lawyers and served as the social and cultural center for the African- American community until the late 1930s. Other Dallas Landmarks within Deep Ellum include The Palace Shop at 2814 Main Street (ca.

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