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These are non-prescription drugs in Spain and therefore bought on the black market.” The Spanish doctors are warning that this trend among adolescents can only make things worse because Barcelona’s Hospital Clinic is already treating around 100 HIV carriers a day.With the sex roulette, the city is having a hot issue with the rise of other sexually transmitted diseases: hepatitis C, chlamydia, and gonorrhea.In the category 15-25-year-olds, 24% are not afraid of the virus.The psychotherapist explains it with the deeper mental problems and soul despair that is powerless to express itself in other way than in controversial and shocking: Among those young people are those who are forgotten and those who are over rated as popular.

The forgotten gatherings behind the school, hide and seek in the forest or consuming forbidden alcoholic drinks when the adults aren’t around is just a memory, almost like a reflection on the jurassic parc.

Not to mention what young people are doing to become popular, some expose their bodies or pose by the animals they killed just for fun.

That is a pure evidence of sadism, the seed of future psychopath.

The problem comes directly from teen groups that could freely endanger individuals among them or turn that individual into the victim.

We know what has happened to isolated and condemned teenagers that have committed suicide after they have been for months terrorized by the school colleges on the social media.

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