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Click here to watch a time-lapse video (500 kilobytes) of the construction of this giant DNA model, the largest he's built to date.The "Evidence From Genealogy" display, donated by Edgar Nurnberg, is one of the more favourite displays of our visitors.Here's an interview with Ian Juby from the Genesis Week TV show: It would appear that we are seeing the fruit of our labours.

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For more details on her post about the museum, click the link in the box above.These scrolls from the Lambeth Palace in England trace the genealogy of King Henry the 6th back to Adam and Eve.Plan on making a visit to Big Valley, and plan on stopping in to see our museum!The IMAS galleries host a number of revolving art and science exhibits each year.The museum provides a unique opportunity for visitors to participate in hands-on science exhibits and to learn about original works of art while encouraging creativity and innovation.By Faye Prosser The Museum of Life and Science in Durham is offering a great coupon for a FREE child's admission with the purchase of an adult admission!Click HERE to print the coupon on their Facebook page. The coupon is valid December 9 - 14, December 16 - 21 and January 2 - 4.The interactive bacterial flagellum and DNA displays both provide compelling evidence for creation and refute any unguided, 'natural' processes such as evolution.Click here to view the multimedia video on the flagellum, or click here to view the multimedia video on DNA and information.This whole area is literally a world-class dinosaur site.Ian Juby is the owner of Canada's first creation museum, the traveling "Creation Science Museum of Canada." He is a consultant for creation museums and builds museum models which are now on display in seven different museums throughout North America.

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