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Dior, Prada and YSL all fall into the middle for me. I own many Jimmy Choo pumps as I find that they have the most office appropriate styles. It’s a 5 inch heel but with a 1 inch platform and perfect for shorties like me that like to feel that we can be a “normal” height sometimes :) Having a hard time finding shoes in your size or on sale? This part is very important for a shoe lover like me!

) Comfort wise – I think that the comfort levels are different in designer and non designer shoes.

If you’ve been ogling designer shoes but aren’t sure where to start (or whether to make the leap! I’ve been reading Tiffany’s blog at I am Style-ish for a few years now, and I’ve always admired the professional but chic way she incorporates designer shoes into her outfits. I love Kat and Corporette for bringing together so many of us career driven, highly ambitious women.

She has quite a collection, so I asked her to write a “intro to designer shoes” post for Corporette. I also love that Kat incorporates a lot of fashion and style in her blog because I know a lot of us still want to look our best while working our way up to the top ;) I’ve never sacrificed style for my career in HR and I don’t believe that you have to.

Different designers fit very differently and you’ll never know which ones you like until you try them on.

I very rarely order shoes online unless I’ve tried them on before only because sizing can be so inconsistent.

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