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HE is a man who has set millions of hearts a flutter around the world, breathing life into a character that has captivated a legion of loyal fans for almost 25 years.Scottish actor Sam Heughan has gained cult status for his role as Jamie Fraser in the US television series Outlander, based on the books of Diana Gabaldon, yet at the same time he continues to fly largely under the radar in his homeland.Locations used in the first series include Doune Castle, Rannoch Moor, Bo'ness and Kinneil Railway, Linlithgow Palace, George Square and Pollok Country Park in Glasgow, the Fife town of Falkland and Aberdour Castle.The New York Times has suggested Outlander is a mix of "ye-olde-time grimy violence and sex of Games of Thrones and a little of the plummy accents and cosy Anglophilia of Downton Abbey".You get the feeling you would have a better chance of drawing blood from the stones of Craigh na Dun.He is coy regarding the status of his love life off-screen ("I might be," is his response when asked whether he's in a relationship)."Somehow they manage to find us on set no matter where we are shooting, even if it is in the middle of nowhere, and bring lots of sugary goods which always goes down a treat," says Heughan.

It is a terrific job and I'm very lucky." Already the Scot has a growing fandom dubbed the Heughliverse.We wanted to live each moment and see where that takes us.As the viewers watch the show they will be living each moment with us." When it comes to gleaning any personal details from Heughan he's about as forthcoming as his onscreen alter ego under interrogation from the Redcoats.It would be easy to view Heughan as an overnight success, but in truth he has more than paid his dues.He played Livingston FC footballer Andrew Murray in River City a decade ago, starred as Hugh Tennent in a series of tongue-in-cheek commercials for the lager brand and was cast as a prince in the schmaltzy TV movie A Princess for Christmas.It's a curious juxtaposition but one which Heughan seems fairly relaxed about."You are very removed from it in Scotland," he says. Glasgow is certainly a place where they will tell you if they don't think you are anything special." Heughan laughs heartily.She's great fun and there is a high level of trust between us.She is a very good friend and extraordinary in the part." Some fans are holding out for a real life love story, but Heughan deftly bats the suggestion away.When it was my birthday they sent to the studios the most enormous cake that was shaped like Craigh na Dun [standing stones] and had Jamie and Claire on the top." Heughan shares an electric onscreen chemistry with Balfe and it transpires he had a hand in casting the Dublin-born former model."I was very lucky to [screen] test with everyone they looked at for the role of Claire," he says.

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