Christian dating courtship and marriage

At the time of Christ's birth, Mary was betrothed (or pledged) to Joseph. But because of Joseph's decision to "divorce her quietly" (Mt.

), it was obviously more serious than the type of engagement we practice today.

Writers such as Jean Jacques Rousseau lamented that Western civilization had fallen into the 'error' of exalting reason over feelings.

He proposed making decisions based on emotion rather than intellect." Christian courtship. We must again look at the question I raised about Mary and Joseph.

The law prescribes penalties for immorality based on marital status (Dt. Mary would have been judged by the law that made the immorality with a betrothed girl worthy of capital punishment (Dt. This law held trespasses against a betrothal to the same standard as those against marriage.

It recognized that a betrothed couple would have already entered into a covenant before God, thus making them bound to each other.

This strange account raises several questions about Biblical romance.

But the Bible records nothing abnormal about Joseph's approach to his relationship with Mary.

A "courtship covenant" was even developed to facilitate this: "Dedicating the years of my youth to God rather than being preoccupied with the opposite sex." Although it does seek to purge Christian youth of the "teenage dating syndrome," taken to an extreme such teaching creates a sort of monastic approach to relationships.

Young people are now encouraged to give up the "world's idea of dating" and replace it with "Biblical" courtship.

Defining Courtship When I was first introduced to the idea of courtship, I saw it presented as revolutionary, the latest and greatest insight into Christian romance.

Courtship claims to be the Biblical alternative to dating, but it clings to the notion that the couple's should dictate the extent of the relationship.

But the Bible rarely assigns such weight to fickle human emotion.

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