Casual dating dos donts

Don’t become that guy that’s constantly hitting on the women at your work, otherwise you’ll start to make them feel uncomfortable and decrease your chances of being able to date any of them.

Giving your partner special treatment while working with them will reflect poorly on your ethics in the workplace and decrease your chances of getting a positive reference.

If you’re just looking for a quick fix, do yourself a favor and take a look at the casual personals on some of the new dating services out there.

Remember that what men are attracted to is not that different from women. Making reservations at a fancy and expensive restaurant for a first date gives off the impression that you’re trying too hard and puts more pressure than necessary on the date.

Plus, it might make you have to live up to unrealistic expectations for subsequent dates.

Talk about yourself but also ask your date questions that will get her talking about herself. This includes how you treat your date and the staff who take care of you while you’re on the date.

Be kind to wait staff, movie attendants, valet parkers, etc.

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