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We demand a transparent, supportive consultation process where sex workers are meaningfully involved.

Since May 2016, it has been reported that over 3,700 people suspected of using and/or selling drugs have been murdered in the Philippines.

We are a proud member of the Anwernekenhe National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander HIV/AIDS Alliance (ANA).Workshop submissions close on the 21st of July and are always considered a highlight by attendees.The National Forum provides a fantastic opportunity for peers to network, share current information on trends and practices, participate in skill share workshops, inform Scarlet Alliance of state based issues affecting sex workers and be informed of Scarlet Alliance and our members’ activities.On the 9th of May, 2016 the NSW government published their response to the inquiry and reaffirmed their commitment and support for decriminalisation as a best practice and successful model of regulation of the sex industry.Scarlet Alliance, SWOP (Sex Worker Outreach Project NSW) and Touching Base issued a joint media statement welcoming the decision.We wish to extend our sincere and heartfelt thanks to the many sex workers, supporters, community organisations, state politicians and candidates and legal sector colleagues for their invaluable support that has ensured this positive outcome.We'd like to give special thanks to the Tasmanian Premier Will Hodgman and staff at DPa C for stepping up to ensure sex workers in Tasmania are not left behind.Chapters include: • Addressing myths and stereotypes about sex work • Decriminalisation is the optimal model for sex work legislation • Industrial rights and occupational health and safety • Health promotion and peer education • Sexually transmissible infections and HIV testing and criminalisation • Human rights and anti-discrimination protection • Migration, mobility and freedom of movement • Local planning and sex industry businesses • Sex workers as experts: Consultation, inclusion and self-determination.Each chapter is accompanied by a printable fact sheet with a summary of the issues and recommendations for reform.Are you a sex worker wanting to increase your sex worker social networks, know where to go for services, get information about your rights and responsibilities as a sex worker, get an Ugly Mugs update or access peer support? There is a sex worker organisation or project in each state and territory of Australia.Peer Educators provide information with the knowledge and experience of having worked as a sex worker.

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