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Top 10 Best Dating Websites top10sham, fake, phony, fake reviews, fixed Internet The website that gave a positive review to was In essence, the website's developers at seem to have created this website so that people like me looking for negative reviews of the dating website, would find only this positive review which comes up first on Google searches.I tried leaving a negative review on what seemed to be an open reviewing device, and it was non-responsive. It does not have real reviews, as evidenced by my attempts to leave a review myself.Then, when I chose a plan and attempted to subscribe, a message appeared saying the site was down due to repairs: back up in a FEW hours. The only way they can read these fictive messages, if they pay the .95 fee! They have proven to be the biggest guise for greed, arrogance, deception and falsehoods about what it really takes to be in a genuine relationship with someone.I am one of the victim, but heard this scam from other members. The majority of the people who create online profiles on the dating sites are nothing less than a bunch of selfish individuals, who look for too much perfection, monetary significance, and egotism in a potential life partner.Listverse Top 10 Lists Listverse Top 10 Lists Is a Marketing Scam!Lower Hutt California or, a company based out of New Zealand (or California - Who Is isn't really that clear), is operating an old-school marketing scam.Most men seek females with cute faces and nice butts, who are naive and who play like they're innocent, but who are ready to put out for a nice night out or with the right BS talk and deception (sad but true).I have witness hundreds of female online dating profiles on and other dating sites, where they claim to want to be with a good man, yet when they are approached by a genuinely good man, only seeking to take them up on their offer to be with someone who they will love and who will love them, they ignore the attempts or play the men out behind the scenes with their friends or family and make a game out of it.

They are into all of the television, media and interpersonal lies that are portrayed to the mass population.

In any case, Listverse isn't any more legitimate than Technorati, Social Media Today or other legitimate sites. Dating Direct Dating Direct Affinity deceptive con greedy unsympathetic unhelpful london, Internet a total waste of time and money, i wouldn't recommend this site to a don't listen to your complaints and try to set up the payment system so that you get charged even if you don't want to subscribetheir fees are way too high and they are very unfriendly site treats members with contempt and they have a very corporate, cut throat approach.meanness is the definition of dating direct!

Some have reported their lists were stolen and submitted to article directories upon submission. Don't fall for this marketing flimflam - it's the oldest trick in the book and comparable to the elusive 'Sweepstakes' contests that never yield a winner. Meeterest Dating Meeterest Mindless Muddle Internet Being a veteran of online dating, I was about ready to give it all up when I disovered what was being advertsed as the newest and BEST online Dating site: Metterest. If you enjoy getting your dandur up, only to have it all come crashing down by a site that IS new, but BEST? Mate1Internet Dating Service Fake email messages to make you pay the .95 per month membership fee!

Those types of unattractive females make it a bad situation for the men who don't want to simply tell those types of females like it is and put them in their place...

Those females cannot land a man through traditional dating and/or meeting men, so for some strange reason, they think that will change online.

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