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She does NOT care about that car and it is now approaching 6 years old.

I guess I will likely never figure out the mindset causing that (and probably shouldn’t).

There was no physical altercation or sexual misconduct involved and it was purely something that shouldn’t have happened and was the result of us both drinking too much. Here’s the thing – I don’t know what happened after her and I parted ways that night since she NEVER told me.

The following day, I immediately apologized for my role and also took responsibility for what occurred (even though it was shared). We never spoke after that, so I have no idea why she is having reoccurring nightmares or what that even means.

There was no doubt she was searching for a spot close to the door. As I get to the far end of the lot, lo and behold, there it is, on the very END spot, parked over the line to be as far away from the car next to it as possible. I still haven’t figured out if she does that just to mess with my mind or what.

Yet another birthday, and this one came with a surprise. First, this is the fourth birthday that I have had since my narcissistic ex-wife left for the last time.

I can honestly say I have either overcome, or at least gotten used to, the emotions of being alone.

I never heard a peep other than getting a request and a bill in the mail to send her a coat that she had left at my house. I did mail her coat to her, along with a “love letter” of sorts, telling her how much I adored and cared for her, along with another apology. Again, I received no response, not even an acknowledgement that she received the “package”. It starts out with “I wanted to contact you sooner but I thought to be quiet until things made more sense. I miss you John, but unfortunately I still haven’t figured out how to navigate with regards to us after that incident. What baffles me more is why, after not A WORD for 8 weeks, my birthday would mean anything to her.

8 weeks passed with absolutely NO contact from her. Albeit I appreciate the apology, the result was reoccurring nightmares which led me to the conclusion that my mind is still disheveled with regards to that mess. I just wanted to say thanks for the apology, tell you that I hope you are well and I hope you have a great birthday. To be absolutely honest, I wasn’t even sure if she knew when my birthday was.

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