50 red flags of dating

If he/she wishes you were more of something or different than how you are, they may never accept you and you could spend a lifetime feeling unworthy or “wrong” for simply being yourself.

If they have past issues they’re angry about it’s likely they use their anger as a defense mechanism and will not be able to be intimate with you.

As a general rule, if you lie sometimes you lie all the time.

Photo: Getty Images A forty-year old single mom who was online dating in Washington thought she’d found the man of her dreams.

They also will find ways to become resentful of you…just give them time.

Photo: Getty Images It’s difficult to know who is lying to you with online dating, and therefore, if you catch them in a lie consider them a liar and do not continue the relationship.

They knew him only as “John” and her friends thought of him as a casual boyfriend.It was unknown to any of them of his extensive criminal background, and most likely it was unknown to this single mom as well.Horror stories such as this one don't happen frequently with online dating, but they do happen.Her mother and family knew about him but had never met him.They had been on several dates and he had spent the night numerous times.I define the type of woman you want to avoid dating, not because she’s a bad person per say, but because she’s going to be toxic to you in a relationship.In short, a toxic woman is the type of woman that will bring pain into your life, whereas a good woman will make your life better.Recently divorced, she had three daughters, ages 12, 10 and 7 who will never see their mother again.This mom met a guy online and began a relationship.If you’re used to the player lifestyle, and you’re having fun getting laid on tinder it might not seem like a big deal because your life is all fun and games.But no mistake it’s serious business, and you will fall for a girl at some point, and the second you start thinking your bigger than the game is when disaster strikes.

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