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Well…the perfect time to do these acceleration movements would be in the fall since blocks are not used for competition.

Once the track season starts the blocks can be added into the workouts and the athlete will understand how the body should feel while accelerating from all of the base work done in the fall.

This will help the athlete feel like they are doing sprint work. These prerequisites will prepare the sprinters to come out of blocks when it is allowed.

Many times I hear coaches say that they only have 12 weeks with their sprinters so time can’t be wasted with these drills.

As I indicated in the title, long slow running builds long slow sprinters.

Just throwing sprinters into higher volume regiments will also lead to injuries such as shin splints.

Wednesday: Pool workouts would be a great idea on hump day (What?!?! Click here to read an article that has more information on pool workouts.

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Two to four of each exercise for 10-30m would be appropriate.

Typically, I will do 1-5 sets of Broken 600m’s with 3-5 minute recovery followed by 2-6 x 150m’s at a faster pace with 3 minutes recovery to get the legs moving again.

Following the Clyde Hart 200m progression would be an option in the fall.

I would try to figure out a way to give them what they want and also what they need at the same time.

After the workout sprinters should do a lift or body weight circuit.

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