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With a traditional dating site, from my experience, people are very afraid of being too outspoken or coming across as negative or boring or whatever it is. My friends have said that even when they’re married, they still want to know about the crazy singles who are going out and what they’re getting into.

It became a collaborative weekly meet-up that was as much about our friendship as it was about me being on a dating site.

Although I can't help but also feel for her bestie.

It's an unfortunate truth for the romantically unattached friends and family in a bride's life: A wedding and its lead-up mean celebrating the love you —especially for those in your bridal party.

Ladies if you are ready to find love, then let’s chat [Time Sensitive] First of all I am loving getting to know you in this group and thank you for those of you are active and show up to the live calls. Love is about the important qualities, not the “attractive” surface ones. But thank God I knew better than to judge him and rule him out.

He’s a regular man who wants a woman who is committed to him, cares for him, chooses to be with him and knows he is within reason her priority. To say I was shocked and pissed is an understatement…

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