Madagascar dating marriage

The Malagasy traditions are very unique, for example, during an .

When two people are in love and are ready to move onto marriage, they must first engaged.

So far over 200, 000 plants and animals have been identified in Madagascar; of these over 150, 000 are found nowhere else in the world. About Nine-tenths of these lemurs are found in Madagascar.

Some of the best-known are: the dwart , the rarest of all lemurs found on the island of Mangabe or in the region of Mananara.

However, because Madagascar has 18 different tribes, each tribe has their own dialect.

Madagascar features some of the world's most unique flora and fauna.

When the child gets back, the family, and friends offers toys, money, chocolates, and lots of candies. Also part of the Malagasy traditions and customs is . S, where people are buried at cemeteries, families in Madagascar have their own tombstone.

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Another example of the Malagasy traditions and customs is .

Madagascar is the fourth largest island ( 587, 040 square kilometers}Area land: 581,040 sq km, area water: 5,500 sq km, coastline: 4,828 km) in the world after Greenland, New Guinea and Borneo. The people of Madagascar originated from Indonesia, Malaysia, Polynesia, and from Eastern Africa. A state which is located at the island's center in a mountain range, which occupies more than half of main island.

The country's official languages are Malagasy and French.

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