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Frank started flexing his muscles and won his second Power of Veto to save himself, but was incensed to see Ian needlessly voted to evict Boogie, because Boogie would have been evicted even without his vote. Ian even crowed about it during the videos displayed while Boogie sat with Julie, the kid so proud he'd tricked the master Boogie, who seemed oddly to enjoy the betrayal. Up to that point he could have profited just as easily with his relationship with guys who'd demonstrated their loyalty and faith in him.Not to mention the jig was up and now Frank knew what Ian had done, but Ian was so full of himself he was convinced Frank was no match for him.But Ian didn't count on Frank pulling the Veto out of the hat again, and then he won HOH. Through it all, Frank had made deals with Britney twice, and twice in the diary room she revealed she would let him believe what he wanted and plotted to get him out.In fact, during the second such situation, when Frank nominated Dan and Danielle, because he was convinced Dan had turned Ian against him, she was determined to win the power of Veto so that Dan and Danielle would be off the block and their alliance would be safe.Contestants are undercut and blindsided all the time, but never in the manner afforded Frank Eudy, who was evicted last night.It got me so incensed I felt compelled to set forth why I think the show has descended to its lowest depths.But like many such situations, nominating Frank became the thing to do, even after he made deals with oodles of fellow house guests to keep each other "safe" in the coming weeks.First, he had a deal with Willie Hantz, brother of notorious season.

Not to mention the fact Britney, Shane, Dan and Danielle conspired with Frank and Mike's teammate sweet innocent little Ian to form the "Quack Pack." What made this particularly venal is that Boogie and Frank had taken Ian under their wing, and in addition Boogie had won a contest, and with the suggestion of Frank he shared ,000 of his winnings with Ian.

Then, Danielle Murphree won HOH, true to form nominating Frank and also Wil.

She then won the Power of Veto, but Mike "Boogie" in an effort to protect Frank convinced Britney, Shane, Danielle and Dan to join forces in a "Silent Six" partnership, with the result that Danielle vetoed Wil's nomination and blindsided three-time player Janelle, causing her eviction.

However, Shane is a physical guy and won the Power of Veto, removing himself from nomination.

Frank couldn't understand why there was a campaign to undercut him and made a deal with Shane to work together.

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