Celebs dating regular people

But that’s not the only thing that makes Lorde special. Her Twitter bio says “Where Vietnam and the hood meet,” probably because she is part Vietnamese. But then people do it all the time like Chris Brown and Karrueche,” said Duff in a a Cosmo interview. Fans of “South Park” know that Lorde was being impersonated by one of the fathers on the show and he had a hit song where he sang about being Lorde.

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Yeah, she’s a non-celeb, but that doesn’t quite make her in an accomplishing-things-on-an-ordinary-timeline sort of way.

Based on Jared's findings, new beau Zandy Reich graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and started his own clothing line.

Sounds a lot less stressful than singing and acting.

Quite the opposite: She’s brilliant, hardworking, ambitious, and a pioneer in her field.

JGL isn’t the only movie star attracted to non-famous people with incredible accomplishments.

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