Carrie prejean dating michael phelps

It’s an issue of integrity whatever your opinion is, and I say that with the utmost conviction.” That makes absolutely no sense.

[Thanks to Michael Buck of great You Tube show What the Buck for that quote] Prejean: 1, Perez: 0 In an appearance on the Today Show yesterday, Miss California defended her statements on gay marriage, saying they were “biblically correct.” Perez Hilton spewed venom in his Skyped interview with Matt Lauer, making Prejean seem like much more of a sympathetic character despite her exclusionary politics.

Meanwhile Prejean’s grandmother had some barbs for Perez Hilton.

She told Radar Online “I don’t know why that gay guy Perez was even judging a contest with a bunch of girls. He should be judging a Chippendale’s contest.” At least Prejean’s sister is a gay rights activist, although her grandmother claims “Her sister Christy is not gay, she just has her own mindset.

People are pointing out that Prejean is getting a lot more mileage out of her controversial answer than the pageant winner and this is ultimately working out well for her.

She seems to be aware of the publicity, and told Lauer that she wouldn’t change a thing, that winning wasn’t what God wanted for her, and that “I wouldn’t be here with you if I was Miss USA.” After this controversy dies down we may still be hearing about Prejean.

It probably did cost her the crown, and pageant owner Donald Trump confirmed that low scores in the question and answer phase affected the outcome.

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Her grandmother Jeanette Coppolla confirmed to Radar exclusively that the beauty queen has been casually dating Olympian Michael Phelps.

She said “I think this is an issue of integrity regardless of what I think and what end of the political spectrum I stand on.

I was raised in a family to know right from wrong and politics, whether you fall in the middle or the left or the right.

Integrity and graciousness are what we look for in a pageant winner and Prejean has those qualities, even if a lot of us don’t agree with her politics at all.

She’s not enough of a skank for Michael Phelps, though.

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