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Welcome to Morningside, a picturesque and friendly retirement community for the young at heart.Residents aged 50 enjoy serene country-style living enveloped in nature, within the charming city of New Hamburg, Ontario.The vast majority of VR-­capable “adult games” are –like knockoffs with graphics that look like waxy (and waxed) blow-up dolls.

Yet no visual technology has ever been so perfectly suited to sexual applications as VR. Sure, the libidinally aspirational can shell out for omnidirectional treadmills and mo-cap harnesses to facilitate Peak Air-Hump.

But still, Darling was an avid reader and D&D player, and the idea of getting lost in an immersive world—“making visual what I was already losing myself in books for,” as she puts it—was something she found not just exciting but romantic.

Not surprisingly for an active reader, Darling went on to get a master’s degree and become a librarian.

going to do is find something virtually (sorry) unheard-of in pornography: intimacy.

The thing that’s going to take us there is “presence,” that phenomenon that occurs when head-tracking latency, screen quality, and processing wizardry combine to trick your brain into thinking that you’re existing in a virtual space, rather than just watching a screen that extends past the edges of your vision.

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