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“The fabric breaks down when it’s constantly rubbing against the dirt an oils from our skin,” she says.

“So to prolong your bra’s life, you really want to make sure you wash it after every wear.” We know what you’re thinking: Who the heck has time to wash bras that often?!

“My goal was to look at the subtle differences in bras and find out what works for which breasts. If you push the apex in, you get more of a natural breast shape. Most women have uneven breasts simply because if you’re right-handed, that muscle makes the breast on your right side smaller. You need support and you need to pull those girls up!

You’ll be a better consumer if you know what to look for.”RELATED: 10 Best Bras for Running So, here you have the eight different breast types, according to Tomima—and the best bra for each. Anyone with augmentation would fall into this category. RELATED: Pretty Intimates: The Season's Sexiest Lingerie5. As you age, breasts are not as firm, but they are malleable, so you can form them into any shape you want.

Weirdly, though, myths about bras are somehow different—plenty of grown women still believe them.

Whether you heard them from your mom, your best friend, or an ill-informed bra salesperson, these nine common bra myths just aren't true.

“It’s not like your abs or upper arms that you can improve with working out,” she says.

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Luciani explains that bras wear out faster when tossed in the washer; straps and hooks can get caught on other items in the drum, or on the center agitator.

All of these brands use a “fit model,” Luciani explains.

“There isn’t a machine that determines the size of a bra.

“There’s no scientific evidence that wearing a bra or not wearing a bra will make a difference with what happens to your breasts over time,” says Amber A.

Guth, MD, breast surgeon and an associate professor of surgery at NYU Langone Medical Center.

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