Adult cam clip web

Sunday my family and I went out of town and I was excited to be able to watch our dog through the cloud cam app.

On the way home Sunday evening, I received a notification that motion was detected.

Some of the problems have been fixed in software updates, but much of the information is just not correct.

Hopefully these reviews will be updated at some point.• You can download and watch videos on a PC with the free plan (no live stream though)• You can turn off audio playback• You can invert the video• You can turn of the IR (infrared night light)UNPACKAGINGPackage came on time and was without any damage, but there was no padding inside the shipping box.

HOW IT WORKSYou can watch live view or see the video clips the camera took upon it detecting movement.I do seem to get a lot of “We were unable to play this video” error codes when I first try to play the video, but usually it will play when I hit the blue ‘replay’ button.I have not upgraded my plan so I will only get the last 24 hours of video.We ordered this camera on thanksgiving just because it was on sale.It was delivered by Saturday and I installed it immediately.It quickly took several short videos detecting movement when I walked around.I also received a sound and text notice on my phone of “Motion detected” every time it detected motion and took a video, and when I touch the notice it will play the video for me.You can view the recorded videos AND download video clips from a PC with the free plan, just go to sign in, then when watching your videos in the upper right hand corner there is a download icon.You can also view live feed or videos up to 24 hours any time with the basic included plan on your cell phone.You control the camera by clicking the directional navigation sliders, or by choosing from the a drop down list of specific views of the campus.If there are multiple users accessing the camera at the same time, users will be placed into a control queue.

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