Intimidating architecture

The artwork was designed and fabricated by Ball-Nogues Studio.

The exhibit needed to travel to other events and car shows around the world.The shape of the column suggests a stone obelisk or a colossal geological core sample.We located the piece on the axis that runs parallel to the South side of the new science building and terminates at the center of Black Hall.The pavilion is fabricated from 2793 linear feet of 2-inch diameter mild steel tube that were precisely bent with a computer numerically controlled rolling system. We are interested in blurring the distinction between the fabricated and the terrestrial; meaning the things that are manufactured by people versus those that are made by way of geological forces (e.g. We associate the former with the precision of industrial production, and the latter with the chance inherent in nature.Each of the 352 individual tubes are unique and together they form a structural shell that has no hierarchy in a traditional sense. To make Secondhand Geology, we produced building blocks by way of an unprecedented process.The scale and location of Secondhand Geology harmonize with the architecture and axial relationships between buildings on campus, while the unexpected approach to stainless steel stands out as a thoroughly contemporary statement.Experience illusions of grandeur as you board the aft lobby elevator of the ship.Pinnacle Exhibits handled design development, fabrication and install., an installation comprised of thousands of sweeping lengths of tinted stainless steel ball chain hanging in catenary curve formations, is suspended in the three-story volume of Lincoln Performance Hall’s south atrium.We accomplished this by drilling four holes at the corners of each, pressing stainless steel round bars into them, and welding the bars to the interstitial plates.The blocks were then welded together into sections of four at the plate seams and “skewered” with a 1” diameter stainless steel tension rod, before being welded into one large assembly.

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