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Smith shares more advice on what to do in these situations.

We must all do our part to spread love while educating those with hate in their hearts on the importance of diversity.Jeffrey Smith Jr., the Director of Multicultural Programs at Emmanuel College, shares his professional insight on how interracial couples are perceived by others.“Despite the fact that multiracial and multiethnic relationships and families are becoming more common, many people still refuse to support people entering relationships with someone outside of their race,” he says.Even though it’s 2016 and people have made significant steps toward accepting relationships of all kinds, interracial couples still experience struggles that outsiders can’t relate to.We’ve talked to an expert and college students who've been in interracial relationships to explain a few of these struggles as well as ways to deal with them.With everything going on in our country right now, the last thing we need is to fuel the fire with hate. Be kind to others, embrace their differences, and never be afraid to live authentically. Interracial relationships aren't a panacea to end racism, of course; nor can any type of relationship be over-generalized as better than another.“It’s important to challenge disapproving family members about their bias.If they absolutely refuse to accept your relationship, as painful as it can be to disconnect from family, consider maintaining some distance if you think your relationship is worth fighting for.” As much as your family is important to you, be sure to put your personal values first once you are confident in what they are.Fitting in with a new family can definitely be a difficult task.This can be even more stressful if your SO’s family isn’t fully comfortable with your relationship.

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