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In class, Cory explains to the students about how technology has deprived the new generation of their emotions.

Riley disagrees, and so Cory gives the class an assignment: he has them split up into teams and discover whether or not new technology has made them better people.

At home during dinner, Auggie is telling the family about how good his day was.

In contrast, Riley talks about how bad her day went, which culminated in Cory taking away her phone.

Topanga then tells him she has many more emotions to explore.

Now Cory is wanting to change her back; Topanga says he can't, but he thinks he knows how...

So Riley sits back down next to Lucas and they start to have a deep and meaningful conversation.

Riley and Maya are standing in the school hallway when Lucas enters, sits on the bench outside of Cory's class and starts texting on his phone.

Meanwhile, Farkle remarks to Maya on how technology is capable of putting all kinds of information onto a device anyone can fit into their pocket.

When he says he doesn't even need to look at the sky anymore to know what phase the moon is in and where the stars are, Maya, in contrast, says that by not having a smartphone, all she has to go by is the actual sky; Farkle thinks Maya is at a disadvantage until, thinking she took notes on what they've read, he grabs her notepad and is genuinely awestruck when he sees her drawing of the cityscape and the night sky.

The next day in class, Cory frantically passes all the students' phones back to them and begins the technology debate.

Showing Maya's drawing to the class, Farkle marvels at what a person can do with a pencil and paper, and says that he found out something about Maya that he didn't know before.

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