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"Let's just say, the date is not what he expected." When Elliot sits down to dinner, he's not met by the Georgina he was expecting to see, but a man with a beard and a high-pitched voice.

He then makes his escape, dashing across fields to get away before being caught by Ben for the big reveal and the immortal words: "Sorry bro!

People feel free to lose their filter when they are hiding behind a smartphone or computer screen.

Believe me, I’ve had guys comment on my gummy smile, my wild curly hair and even accuse me of misleading them by putting up pretty pictures on dating profile which wasn’t a true representation of myself.

Not only do fans of the duo get to watch some of their best vids, Ben gives behind the scenes insight into how he pulled off the stunt and why he has personally chosen these 12 stunts as his favourites of all time.

Make sure you come back for the next instalment of 12 Pranks of Christmas on Sun Online tomorrow.

Who can honestly tell me that they haven’t spent considerable time perfecting their selfie face to get that angle just right to catch the attention of some computer geek trawling an internet dating site (or in the case of those no longer playing the dating game just a few more likes on Instagram).

Furthermore, a crowd funding page has also been set up to help the girl recover the funds she’d spent travelling to Amsterdam. I was called morbidly obese but you don’t see me doing TV interviews about it!

She was left stranded in Amsterdam not a South African township surely you could take the opportunity to explore a great European city (or sample THOSE brownies! Either way, I don’t think there is any need to publicize what was essentially a private interaction between people.

While calling people pigs is certainly not nice, it isn’t a criminal act either.

Of course, it’s normal to feel offended by such comments but I don’t believe we need to dwell on it and blow things out of all proportion (the dude is no better here – getting lawyers involved, really?

) But this story is not unique and quite frankly didn’t need to go viral.

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