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Editor's note: SEO is an ever-changing industry, often for the better.

As of this writing in February 2016, this article from 2011 describes now-outdated link building practices.

Then request the directory in the Main Reading Room or the Local History and Genealogy Reading Room by filling out a call slip.

One should be aware, however, that for many foreign city directories the latest edition may be many years out-of-date.

These directories are available in a variety of formats and locations.

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Although they are housed in the closed stacks, they do NOT have call numbers and should be requested by filling out a call slip using "City Directory" as the call number, the town and/or province and CANADA as the title, and the years needed as the volume numbers. For further information, please consult the Local History and Genealogy Reference Services reference librarians in the Main Reading Room (LJ 100). They are arranged alphabetically by state, shelved before the city and reverse telephone directories for that state. For information on a particular type of directory, consult the table of contents above and then refer to the appropriate section of the finding guide. telephone directories (white and yellow pages) are located on Deck 46 which is entered through Alcove 4 in the Main Reading Room.If you're looking for articles and education on link building, take a gander at the recent articles in our link building blog category, or dive on in to chapter 7 of our Beginner's Guide to SEO. SEOmoz just updated the PRO SEO Web Directory List.The long overdue update includes over 400 directories (up from 180) separated into three categories – Web, Local and Social. The practice of obtaining links from online directories has changed dramatically over the past 10 years. The first tool to examine is the , found on the consulting table adjacent to the U. If you cannot find a listing for a community in the , consult the card catalog, which is located near the directory collection. he latest editions of city directories are located on Deck 46 which is entered through Alcove 4 in the Main Reading Room. Since many of these directories contain listings for more than one community, you may need to consult two reference tools in order to determine which telephone book contains the listings for a particular community. It consists of two sections: a "Community Index" which identifies the directory in which a specific community's listing can be found; and "Directory Coverage", a list of all the communities covered by a specific directory.An unbridled strategy of obtaining links from these non-discriminate directories can actually hurt your SEO.But times have changed, and strategies have become more evolved. An incomplete list of current foreign telephone directories is found in the card catalog, located near the directory collection on Deck 46. Listings are based on telephone directories and are arranged both by address and telephone number. They are arranged alphabetically by country, and are shelved following the United States directories.

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