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not just where, cuz i noe most ppl 'found' him in BSM bt WHY? n then how totally amazingly cute he looked with GUi Gui.. Below are the most common reasons: This site uses cookies to improve performance by remembering that you are logged in when you go from page to page.To provide access without cookies would require the site to create a new session for every page you visit, which slows the system down to an unacceptable level. Thats why i don't particularly mind who is his screen love, he has to experience working with many actors & portray different characters. but the translated version doesn't make any sense to me, so yeah. Ha ha finally i managed to insert photo of WZ & XX kissing ... They helped to support Wang Zi and Mao Di, especially Wang Zi who will first time on cinema screen. Ya Wang ZI is really smart and I think he knows how to play the piano, at least a little! the scene when she first met him and then at the basketball court when he was cured & teased her to date behind yu shu back (i noticed she never once look at her screen boyfriend, she just stared at Wang Zi smiling so widely & happily). Now he's working towards being a great entertainer. (aug 14) no idea what it says though.i used google to translate the page. One part of the movie BBT member Wang Zi and Mao Di will be the lead character, Hei Girl who is good friends with BBT also attended the party. Then BSC really got me addicted to him coz he's so super shuai,cool and cute!! blah blah It's no wonder he's young yet attractive. He looks so good in all his self-taken photos, I really can't find a shot of him looking bad lol He's just naturally shuai!! From Filmko Holdings first movie at Taiwan Taipei filming "Ai Dao Di", a movie combined with a lot of new directors such as Fang Wen San, Jiu Ba Dao, Wang Zi Jiao and Chen Yi Xian cooperating with super idol artists such as Annie Liu, Peter Ho, Ethan Ruan, Lai Ya Yan, Wang Zi, Mao Di, Alan Kuo, Van Fan, Alice Tseng, Anting Ye, Makiyo, Tammy Chen and Tracy Zhou over 20 actors/actress expressing different style/type of love story. When I first started watching BSM, i was uninterested. Although the cameo job was only 2 to 3 hours, a few minutes appearance, Wang Zi expressed that he was happy working with Huang Zi Jiao and hope to have more chance to cooperate with him in future.

Fang Wen Shan's story is called "Lian Ming Dou Bu Yao De Ren (連命都不要的人)" about 2 different couples' relationship changes before and after filming one MV.

Xiao Xun said "I'm used to being attacked by his fans, like in my blog leaving messages like 'sl*t' and 'b*tches'." Wang Zi hopes fans can calm down. Gui Gui Wang Zi = Kawaii But some people like Gui Lun, but i like Gui Wang. Although they are separated but during the nights where there's no entertainment it's easily to develop closer relationship within a bunch of teens. Usually I'm just a silent reader but this thread is moving at a crawl so I thought I will post something to crawl faster... I read that his first screen kiss will be with Xiao Xun, goody, I am looking forward to it.. i really didn't feel like watching it since i thought it was stupid.

When those two have love scenes or contacts some female fans would stare at Xiao Xun the whole time. Xiao Xun better stop flirting with my prince and leave him alone. The crew rented 2 rooms, one for Lollipop and one for HSHMM. i first saw him in TKA and i thought he was really cute so i 'googled' him and found out that he was in BSM. HSHMM and Lollipop are soooo my fave is Wang Zi and Gui Gui.

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