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And it was like, "Hey, you want to come to the press conference? " So the day before we left, we were like, "We gotta figure out how to play that song," so we sat at the piano.But there's a little bit too much contention in the band about what the name of that song is. So it's like, "We can't title it right now."I went to a beautiful nature side of Ibiza, so the non-clubbing part that is what drew people there long ago to begin with.A really beautiful spiritual place to ignore all of that stuff.

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I have my sound."For Haines letting Shaw expand on his sound production wise is part of being in a band.There's too much debate." So I think we're just gonna put it to our fans and be like, "' Song With No Name,' help us out. "Because it is so new, can you talk about the first time hearing "Song With No Name" back after writing it?James Shaw: I was saying to Matt, our manager, earlier that it's a weird process because you toil away in the studio on the details, like the intensity of the hi-hat, is the bass too distorted -- and then the first time that anyone's gonna hear it is on acoustic guitar, so there's an element of it that's like, "Oh my God, why did I even go through all that trouble? Just curious, with it being the first time out on the road after being in the studio for a period and completing a new album, is there any sort of jitters when you get back out there and have new songs to work in?We had a chance to chat with Metric's Emily Haines and James Shaw about the trek, and they also dished on the progress of their upcoming album, gave the stories behind a couple of new tracks and Haines also spoke about her recent collaboration with Goldiebloxc. First off, it was a pleasure hearing you play today and I loved the new song -- the song with no name.Can you tell me a bit about where it came from and where it was in the process of putting together the new album?So he lived there the whole last year actually," Haines said.So with half of the quartet living primarily in Spain for the year, how will that affect the writing for the band's next album?Most of Metric's 2014, a year off save for seven shows, has been spent in Ibiza.Don't worry, Metric is not busting out some club bangers.You just feel good and it's not a fight.""That did kind of happen the first half of the year that we weren't supposed to do anything and we did more than we have done in a while," Shaw added.Asked about the progress of the new record, the band, enjoying the zero pressure, is very non-committal, saying things like they have begun working on the follow-up to 2012's , "But not very intensely," according to Shaw.

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