It is incredible to me that such a natural activity, which I am sure the vast majority of men engage in form time to time if not every day (as I usually do), should have been proscribed or regarded as a... My wife died many years ago, so solo sex is the only thing I do. I went to an Erasure concert at an outdoor venue some years ago and there were big queues to go to pee so i went into a small wood.

As the title says, I just can't get enough wanking time in day or night.

Also "troublesome" are those scenes on TV where an actress is naked on top of a man but has her back to the camera. I was drying myself with a towel after a swim at the local baths and felt a strange feeling.

when I was 12 or 13 and have continued nearly everyday since. I had a great ****** that I'll never experience again (unless I have my first sex with my wife). My **** grew hard as I continued to rub myself with the towel then suddenly my *** shot out.

Also "troublesome" are those scenes on TV where an actress is naked on top of a man but has her back to the camera. Ive been holding off for four days now and any time anything touches my **** it gets so hard...embarrassing around friends. My bet is that it'll end up spurting by its self hi, im Sammy im into watching my boyfriend **** and others if I get chance.i just brought him a tenga **** toy and find it very horny watching there anyone else out there who uses any kind **** toys and maybe likes to be watched or talk about it please get in touch xx Can't tell you how much I love wanking. I'm 15 and last year i went on a school trip to germany it was such a sexy trip and there wereso many hot guys. We had hot phone sex yesterday but couldnt reach her this morning, so I decided to bust a nut!

I do it several times a day and think about both men and women. my room was with 2 really hot guys one of which was a **** addict. Eventhough I'm straight I've always wanted to have a circle jerk, so this morning I had a **** over some fit video of... I have always loved playing with my willy for as long as I can remember.

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