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When you define a unique constraint out of line, you must also specify one or more columns.You must define a composite unique key out of line.If you are defining uniqueness for purposes of query performance, then Oracle recommends that you instead create the unique index explicitly using a object.The foreign key and the referenced key can be in the same table or view.You can designate the same column or combination of columns as both a foreign key and a primary or unique key.You can also designate the same column or combination of columns as both a foreign key and a cluster key.You can define multiple foreign keys in a table or view.

If you identify only the parent table or view and omit the column name, then the foreign key automatically references the primary key of the parent table or view.

You must specify a composite foreign key and a foreign key on an attribute out of line.

To satisfy a composite foreign key constraint, the composite foreign key must refer to a composite unique key or a composite primary key in the parent table or view, or the value of at least one of the columns of the foreign key must be null.

However, you can enforce constraints on views through constraints on base tables.

You can specify only unique, primary key, and foreign key constraints on views, and they are supported only in Prerequisites You must have the privileges necessary to issue the statement in which you are defining the constraint.

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