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Skal man tro Martin Østergaard er unge mænd og modne kvinder noget, der er kommet for at blive.

Where the women were from did play a part however, with women from Ireland found to stray the earliest after just 3.6 years of marriage.* Feelings of entitlement/one deserves to be happy* Sexual novelty* A need for intimacy* A need for variety* Decreasing the pressure of intimacy* Falling in love* The marriage/relationship has been bad for a long time* Their spouse is no longer attractive* To prove they are still young 'These are universal needs, and craving sexual pleasure is something billions of us have in common – no matter how many other differences we may well have.'Another survey by extra-marital dating website Gleeden, also recently showed that 68 per cent of women who cheat choose younger men (on average, 34) because they 'perform better.' Other reasons included younger men making women feel more feminine and more confident.- Når en ung mand - ikke mindst en kendt ung mand - vælger en ældre kone, handler det langt hen af vejen om tryghed.

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Men selvfølgelig kan der også i denne lejr opstå en situation, hvor den yngre mand tænker: ’nu har den kylling da vist fået lidt for meget i ovnen’, hvorefter han vælger den unge gås, griner Østergaard.

Og den modne kvinde vil ofte også gerne have yngre mænd, fordi de er røvtrætte af deres jævnaldrene mænd i deres enten patetisk ungdommelige eller lidt for Bilka-agtige tøj med tilhørende holdninger og energi.

Swedish women were more likely to cheat after 4.1 years while those surveyed in the UK cheated after 4.4 years of marriage.

On a global level, the average length of time between marriage and cheating was around seven to eight years.

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