Online dating tattooed singles uk

Still, this kind of dating appears to be the future; Spex and Dating Ink merely join a slew of others, including apps for Pokemon Go lovers (Poke Match), beardy types (Bristlr) and for those who voted Remain in the EU referendum (Remainder).At least the Remain app pairs people on something of old-fashioned weight: political values.

For if love is mysterious, sourcing love today is a slog.

The idea is a version of the much older strategy of dating PLU (people like us).

Except now it’s through superficial externals, such as facial hair and fashion accessories, rather than those stalwarts of pre-1960s courtship: respectability, income and religion.

Equally old, of course, is the failure inherent in all such attempts to do so.

All of which makes the current trend among the ever-renewing stock of dating entrepreneurs both amusing and ludicrous in equal measure.

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