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It’s perfectly understandable that birth order affects our sibling relationships during childhood.Trouble is, those uneasy, unequal sibling relationships tend to persist for the rest of our lives.Given the significant differences between homosexuals and transsexuals, it is unreasonable to extrapolate these results to homosexuals.In addition, stopping rules influence the effect of birth order and sibling sex ratio on an individual's expressed sexual orientation (Blanchard & Lippa, 2007).Rather than come right out and accuse older siblings of unfair treatment—accusations are more likely to lead to arguments than progress—stroke firstborns’ considerable egos by saying how thankful you are for everything they did for you during childhood.

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That is, homosexual men are born later in their sibships and this late position in birth order is associated with the number of older brothers, as opposed to older and younger sisters, and younger brothers.

We concluded that the male-preference stopping rule adopted by Chinese parents affected birth order and sibling sex ratio in relation to sexual orientation.

Keywords: birth order, sibling sex ratio, sexual orientation, stopping rule, Chinese culture.

I’d love to have a relationship where we see each other as peers.” If your older sibling protests that he does treat you as an equal, say you’re probably a bit oversensitive on the subject but that it’s important to you.

Calling yourself oversensitive diffuses the tension while still getting your point across.

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