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Collectors will pay top dollar for certain subjects, such as vintage ocean liners, and these cards may fetch more money at auction.Collectors may focus on specific topics, such as cats, trains, sports, or holidays.Create personalized stamps and cards to make your mail more unique and memorable.It’s easy to get started by uploading your favourite photo or design into one of our ready-to-use templates.Cards in fine shape, with no discoloration, foxing, tears, or other damage fetch the highest prices.Some cards had flocking, glitter or gilding, and those sections of the card need to have as much of the original material as possible.He specializes in vintage clothing, sports collectibles, vinyl records and tin toys.The study and collecting of postcards is called "deltiology." Postcards were first printed in the 19th century, but it took some time for them to gain in popularity; many people did not like the idea of writing notes which anyone could read!

The price went up to 2 pennies in 19, then went back down to 1 penny in 1919.Subject matter of the card is another very significant factor in determining its value.Cards that feature iconic moments in history or come from long-gone places offer a glimpse into the past.Halloween postcards are among the most collectible, with their images of devils, black cats and odd things like cabbages.They can easily bring more than 0 apiece at auctions.Pioneer postcards, which were printed before July 1, 1898 in the U. The cards were used as advertising pieces (which is still done today), and often carried information about a shop or a sale. These older cards are quite valuable with individual cards sometimes bringing more than 0.Determining age is not easy, even if a card has a date printed on it.The Canada Post app makes it easy for you to create and send personalized stamps and cards from your tablet or smartphone.Use the Canada Post app to create your postcard and we’ll take care of mailing it anywhere in the world.However, rarity goes hand-in-hand with other characteristics; if only a single card was printed, that makes it rare.But if the topic is uninteresting, or the postcard is newer, then rarity doesn't really matter because it may be the only one, but no one wants it.

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