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If the check fails, boot continues as usual, otherwise the server-mode service will, in chronological order, take care of: If any of the above fails an appropriate error message should be shown to the user.

Possibly we could start X and network manager (i.e.

Tails server should not spawn a full-featured desktop anymore: the goal of this iteration is to remove as much irrelevant services as possible (e.g GNOME, Xorg, ...) in order to reduce boot-time and system resources.

The only way the user have to do administration's related tasks is to use SSH. This is the first Tor hidden service implementation and it will allow the user to run a Gobby service from the Tails server.

like in a normal boot) show the error there and then let the user try to sort out the error, e.g.

Their physical location and identities should be properly concealed but the document itself can be intercepted by the server operators.

Anyone amongst John, Jane and Miranda could use Tails to host Gobby and SFTP servers behind a Tor hidden service. Keeping such servers at hand, on a live system, behind an hidden service is likely to prevent erroneous disclosure.

Let's talk about group collaboration, communication and data sharing infrastructure, such as chat servers, wikis, or file repositories.

This vision aims at making it easy for end-users to implement solutions described above and based on Tor hidden services hosted on a Tails system.

Tails server should be able to run common services like a web server, a Jabber daemon, wiki, file repository, etc.

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