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Karen’s sections’ syllabus: EDS 50 Syllabus_Van Ness June & Jessica’s syllabi are available on Triton Ed.

Stories to watch from the website: Laura Pappano, “First-Generation College Students Unite.” The New York Times (April 8, 2015): First-Generation Students Unite – The New York Times Education Life (2015, July 30).

Normally, a preface or introduction of a book would not receive more than a casual mention because either generally only introduces the subject matter, provides the authors' overall intent for the manuscript, identifies the intended audience, and gives a brief description of what the reader will find in each chapter, which is precisely what is included in this preface.

What requires more mention, however, is the introduction in the book because of the authors' cleaver use of metaphor to illustrate the similarities between minority students on White college campuses and vegetables in a garden.

The chapter concludes with a discussion of the primary research questions and overall significance of the study, which extends the pioneering work of Kuh et al.

They describe the garden as the campus environment and liken institutional agents to gardeners who work hard to cultivate each specific vegetable group in the garden.

The gardener plants the vegetables according to a well-developed plan, provides appropriate levels of nourishment, monitors the plants' progress, and periodically makes revisions so that each vegetable group develops according to its unique characteristics and needs.

► Fo K conceptualizations are relevant for research and teacher education and practice.

► Fo K research shows rich resources of ethnic minority students and their communities.

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