Dating a man who lives with his mother

Now, it's not an easy task to sell a man who is commonly called a “mama's boy,” or if you were around in the 90s, what TLC referred to as a "scrub," but I took a shot at it below.

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Source: My mother always told me to watch how a man treats the women in his family; particularly the ones in his core clan, but especially his mom.

Not to say that all men who are disconnected from their mothers are like this, but the ones I know and have experienced while dating definitely confirm this. He has no respect whatsoever for the females in his fam.

He’s quick to dog them, cuss them out, and call them every dirty, down-right filthy slur in the book. I know quite a few of these, and trust me, honey, they have no remorse.

And is at an even lower level that observed during the depths of the Great Recession, when 35% in this age group headed their own households.

Men seem to be more forgiving of the living arrangements.

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