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Should i just date women i meet that i have zero physical attractiveness for, or should i hang on in there? I'm not Irish or male (or gay), but I happen to think Irish women are very attractive. Get one of them and you've got the best of both worlds.Ive found that im far more attracted to foreign women compared to irish women. can anyone help me or should I serious address my shallowness? attractive women makes me think you are somewhat deluded about your own looks. You are missing out and only you can change that, by getting to know what is inside a woman and that is what makes a person truly attractive, not the size of their breasts, colour of hair, height, etc. Pavillion, the problem isn't that you are shallow, it is that you cannot identify with women. You need to lower your expectations, OP, because if you are looking for the perfect woman. As for your comments on finding women abroad attractive.Again, plenty of Irish women are quite dark haired and so on, while others are blond or red haired and fair skinned, so you really have a huge range of physical types here.In fact, you will get pretty much the full range of beauties in Ireland typical of most of Northern Europe, albeit more representation of the Celtic type, so if you can't find a beauty in Ireland, I think you are looking for a different racial type entirely.personality for me (and all male ppl i ever met in over twenty countries) is her bo***bs and bu***m :-) ~ no offense intended at all.Im more mature now, but because of my other half who made me change my mentality.. My problem is, i'm too fixated on looks and i'm very picky.

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I have no single friends to go out with, who're looking to meet women like me. I rarely meet new women around my friends too, as they are all very settled and just go out with their girlfriends.

There are plenty of social activties that will allow you to do that, but clubs, pubs and dating sites only reinforce your problem. For me, I tend to become attracted to someone once I get to know them.

This post may irritate the fatties who will tell you that you should settle and explore each poor soul because they all have great hearts deep down. I'm not saying that I don't fancy people straight off, of course I do. I'm rarely motivated by Irish women, even subconsciously finding myself attracted to "Irish" girls who turn out to have come from some kind of foreign genepool.

Not all Irish women are attractive of course, but there are certainly plenty of them out there.

Pretty girls tend to have their pick of the guys and most want certain things, which you might describe as being conservative.

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