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One of them was Bobby Kennedy, who would eventually become Jackie's lover The following night when Jack told her he was meeting with business associates of the Mexican President, he was actually with the exotic and glamorous Anglo-Indian screen legend, Merle Oberon, who had starred with Laurence Olivier in Wuthering Heights.From Mexico, the newlyweds flew to Los Angeles for three nights.

At the time, Jack had been seeing Inga Arvad, nicknamed ‘Inga-Binga,’ a reporter for the Washington Times Herald who wrote the gossip column on movers and shakers in D. She was rumored to have had a lusty affair with Hitler’s Reichmarschall, Hermann Goring. 'Actually, Bobby seems to show more romantic interest in me than Jack does…and Teddy lusts after me like a lovesick puppy dog. I think if I went out alone on a boat with him, he’d rape me’.

Her anger amped up after Marilyn Monroe's humiliating 'Happy Birthday Mr.

President' performance By the late 1950s, Jackie was too demoralized by Jack’s sexual philandering to continue the public charade.

Jack took off and drove to Palm Springs to spend the weekend with Marilyn Monroe saying he had to meet with business associates of his father.

Santa Barbara was the couple’s next stop but Jack was clearly bored and called his brother, Bobby to admit it.

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