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Her daughter loved shaking up her own bottle/sippy to mix it together before drinking it. Reply I love almond milk and have been gradually switching to the vegan lifestyle for just under a year now.I never liked drinking milk, so I use it primarily for cooking and baking, and the occasional bowl of granola.I put organic soy milk in her oatmeal and smoothies, but I don’t offer it to her to drink plain anymore because she makes a horrible face.I haven’t found anything else fortified with B12 which is important to me, because I understand that B12 is better absorbed in food not in vitamin supplements. I don’t mind the extended breastfeeding, but I’m also a full time working mom who is WAY sick of pumping:) Reply Earth’s Own Almond Fresh coconut blend is fortified :) (including B12).Reply Another anecdote here: My very robust, healthy 4yo son doesn’t do well with cow’s milk but has loved all kinds of non-dairy milk since early toddlerhood, especially hemp and coconut.

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I think almond milk is a lot more mild tasting than soy milk. Reply When my son was a baby and made the switch to cow’s milk he started to get eczema.

I’m Canadian so I don’t know if they sell it in America.

If you’re Canadian, I’ve seen it in Loblaws stores (natural foods, refrigerated) and Costco.

We always drank Almond Milk as we loved the taste, but were disappointed when we discovered most brands began adding Carrageenan to their Almond Milk.

It’s a thickening agent that has been linked to a lot of stomach problems including major discomfort for some.

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