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#243481 Originally silver plate, now stripped to raw brass. Sold here for 00.00 2 Vintage Getzen 900H Eterna Classic Professional Bb Trumpet with Tilted Bell in Silver Plate I had two of these,(I sold one, and one remains), both with brand new cases purchased directly from Getzen. Case looks original, a little scratched, but spacious, latches working. All Custom Series Trumpets are hand-crafted in Elkhorn, Wisconsin with features like hand-lapped, nickel plated, nickel silver pistons, nickel silver balusters, and one-piece, hand-hammered bells. 0 Jupiter JTR-1100S (Silver plated) Intermediate Model Trumpet. This trumpet has been serviced by a professional repairman with over 40 years of professional experience. Usually retails brand new these days for around 00-1900, more or less, Brand new. YTR-739T professional model trumpet from the 1980's-90's. Designed and crafted with Eastman Company to create a rich, warm tonal quality, this horn's sound and response will help you shine while playing everything from Handel's Trumpet Concerto to modern rock and jazz arrangements” • Designed and produced with Eastman Company • 2-piece plasma-fused bell • An innovative 3rd valve kick-slide with a lock • Convenient tuning with a locking 1st valve cradle • Average ML bore at .459 • Stainless pistons for lower oxidation and 2-piece valve casing for easier maintenance • Double main tuning slide brace for the best response and brilliance This is a used solid intermediate-style Trumpet made by the up and coming and highly respected Eastman Co. It was purchased from the estate of the recently deceased, who bought it in the last year or two, and then hardly played it. Listed brand new for sale on Woowind and Brasswind for 99.00. Interesting silver touches and flairs (including Silver plated lead pipe) around a lacquered body. With its standard #125 mouthpipe and #137 one piece, hand hammered yellow brass bell, it produces a full, brilliant tone with excellent intonation from low to high. bore and square tuning slide provide moderate resistance, allowing a player to “lean” against the horn." The 3052 has a .462? (This does not have the reverse lead pipe or the large bore). Small ding below lead pipe; lead pipe itself might have had a mouthpiece pulled out of it or something; a little bit of work on it. Sold here for about half the price of a new one at 0.00 Features: Medium Weight Silver-plated yellow brass Reverse leadpipe Stainless Steel pistons 1st valve slide thumb saddle 3rd valve slide throw ring and stop .460 bore Custom B1 bead 4.8" bell. Our second of these nice intermediate Yamaha trumpet, newer model, in silver plate; serviced, polished; good condition, good price.As well, the brochure link at the top gives a 1939 copyrighted brochure showing the Blessing-clone type horns which may or may not be a clue.But since the dates on these seem to be all over the board, we are removing the dates unless verified by the owner.Anyone have definitive information on the real manufacturing dates of Bach Strads?This current e Bay ad: Z180227581309QQih Z008QQcategory Z41400QQss Page Name ZWDVWQQrd Z1QQcmd ZView Item implies the Serial # 61511 is from the (presumably late) 60s.I was told mine was circa 1971, and the serial numbers from Daves page would support that. This card is in a warehouse and access is impossible at this time unfortunately. _________________Tom '08 Bach factory custom "one off" 43*G SN#2008 '65 Bach 181 37 SN#30836 '67 Bach 180 37 SN#39773 '70 Bach 181 37 SN#58831 '72 Bach 180S 43 SN#70503 '05 Bach VBS 196 Picc SN#560142 '07 Bach Chicago C SN#656602I received those dates # 30836 and #70503 from copies of the shop card as supplied by Tedd Waggoner although some are just tough to find even some early ones including my #39773.Id just like to be able to accurately describe it should I decide to sell it one day. - Brian_________________do justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with God Hi Brian, I wish I had more specific data for the later years. Based on your sneak peek Dave it seems as though it is probably a 1967 vintage Strad. This card is in a warehouse and access is impossible at this time unfortunately. _________________Tom '08 Bach factory custom "one off" 43*G SN#2008 '65 Bach 181 37 SN#30836 '67 Bach 180 37 SN#39773 '70 Bach 181 37 SN#58831 '72 Bach 180S 43 SN#70503 '05 Bach VBS 196 Picc SN#560142 '07 Bach Chicago C SN#656602There were 20,000 Strads made in the five years spanning 1965 - 1969.

We have previously guessed at the dates as the only verified purchase dates we have are P. Eldredge's Citation serial 2549 purchased April 13, 1959.

Good price on this 00.00Bach Stradivarius Model 37, #428729 (1994) Very clean lacquered model, serviced; excellent Pre-Strike model; from the 1990’s great reputation.

50Bach Stradivarius Model 37, Serial #229790 (1983) Very clean example of the classic 37. Solid, clean pre-strike Elkhart model from the late -70's.

Comes with Bach mouthpiece, or another one of your choice!

#359931 (1990-1991) Lacquered model, original lacquer, around 85% lacquer remaining. Serviced; no dents or dings; some repair work done on 3rd valve casing.

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