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Don't Ask, Don't Tell "In practice, if someone is not known for being homosexual and is not openly homosexual, I don't think that person would face a problem in Iran," Lahidji said.An editor of "MAHA," an Iranian gay and lesbian electronic publication, told a Russian gay web site last summer that there are parks and cinemas in Iran known as being meeting places for gays.Several Iranian gay and lesbian websites are available on the Internet.Iranian homosexuals also communicate and write freely about their sexual orientation in their web logs.Abdolakrim Lahidji is vice president of the Paris-based International Federation of Human Rights.He tells RFE/RL that the Iranian justice system does not take active measures to investigate charges of homosexuality.Demonstrators in Germany in July protesting against the death penalty in Iran (epa) Human Rights Watch is expressing concern over recent reports that two men were executed in Iran for homosexual conduct.The International Gay and Lesbian Human Rights Commission, a U. "Kayhan" said the men also had a "criminal past" that included kidnapping, rape, and causing disturbances.

If the news [about the execution of two men for homosexual conduct] is correct, it shows that two people who had such relations with mutual consent have unfortunately been punished to death in Iran." Not Enough Information In Iran, where sexual topics are considered taboo, there is little information about homosexuality and many consider it a sin or a disease.Additionaly added drag and drop technology for added users nick, name of room, image of smile to public or private message.Like most girls in her neighbourhood in Tehran, Tahmineh is a virgin. For many men, a woman’s virginity is a non-negotiable prerequisite for marriage.Hard To Prove "Iranian courts try not to use execution for these crimes," said Mohammad Ali Dadkhah, a spokesman of the Tehran-based Center of Human Rights Defenders, which was founded by Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi."Such crimes are proven in a very particular processes based on Islamic law.It is not clear whether the two men have been executed.Lahidji, who documents human rights violations in Iran, says in recent years there have not been any other reports of gays being executed in the Islamic Republic.Even among some of the richer classes that ostensibly live more “western” lives, partying with alcohol and music, the men will happily sleep around but will want to marry someone “pure”.Virginity is seen as a marker of decency, of good family stock and morals.In the narrow, twisting clutch of roads where Tahmineh lives, revealing your hair even to an uncle or a male cousin is not acceptable.Here, a woman’s virtue is the cornerstone of life, and local people blame bad hijab and declining morals for everything from high inflation to unemployment.

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