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Merck also is the sole manufacturer of Gardasil, the mandated drug used in HPV vaccinations.

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There are still a handful of Merck allies in state legislatures across the country that will keep pushing for the mandatory HPV inoculations, regardless of the huge opposition by medical professionals, legal experts and parents. called Women in Government (WIG) has been the primary agency introducing the mandatory inoculation legislation across the nation.So hundreds of young women have experienced early menopause after being vaccinated." But Bocchini, who serves on the advisory panel to the CDC, said there is no scientific basis for thinking the vaccine has anything to do with these rare cases of early menopause.In a country where as many as 90 million doses of HPV vaccine have been administered to pre-adolescents, he said, some of those people would be expected to develop this rare condition regardless of whether they were vaccinated. Holland, who specializes in pediatric infectious diseases at Hasbro Children’s Hospital, part of the Lifespan network, said that ere is no such correlation. General Assembly — [email protected](401) 277-7335 On Twitter: @Lynn Arditi CORRECTION: The Gaspee Project is a 501-c-4 nonprofit founded by Mike Stenhouse. — Despite mounting evidence about the effectiveness and safety of vaccinating children against a virus that causes cervical cancer, opponents continue to press for repeal of Rhode Island's vaccine mandate.The bills — three introduced by Republicans and one by a Democrat — come as national public health experts cite growing evidence of the vaccine’s effectiveness in cancer prevention. Of those, more than 10,000 are cervical cancers, which result in about 4,000 deaths each year.2) What are the side-effects, short and long-term, including the potential for birth defects?3) Why should state law mandate inoculation for a sexually transmitted disease?The latest research shows that the vaccine already has reduced the virus’s prevalence in teenage girls by almost two-thirds. Only Rhode Island, Virginia and the District of Columbia require the HPV vaccine.More than 30,000 cases of HPV-related cancer are diagnosed each year in the U. Rhode Island requires students receive the HPV vaccine before entering seventh grade.Several members of Congress are also on top of this story and moving to shut off federal funding for mandatory Gardasil inoculations.The Roundtable is urging citizens to stay vigilant at the state level.

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