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Products” when using Since March 2011 Microsoft Live Spaces migrated to Wordpress ( Press_An_FAQ.html) till now, I have is over 1 million viewers. He is a software development manager for a multinational company. NET platform such as SCM, and HR based applications.This blog is about more than 50% telling you how to resolve error messages, especial for Microsoft products. With 25 years of experience in the IT field, he has developed system using Clipper, COBOL, VB5, VB6, VB. He is familiar with the N-Tier design of business application and is also an expert with database experience in MS SQL, Oracle and AS 400.In January 2017 Employee Provident Fund Organization has introduced unified PF portal in places of regular employer esewa portal and employer EPF portal.During this change the details like aadhaar number, name , date of birth, date of joining and gender details of employees were missed in EPF portal.These three elements are the foundation of Playdemic and our biggest priority.David Watson is the grandson of Thomas J Watson, the founder of IBM, and is best known for creating several successful global brands in the healthcare and wellbeing industries.

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As an employee you may don’t know about the reason but your employer knows about it.

For instance, you could use it to automatically provide a value for a field, or to do validation that requires access to more than a single field: .

It behaves like a normal attribute on the model, but is actually an alias for whichever attribute is the primary key field for the model.

After updating KYC details in uan member portal employer will approve employees’s kyc details in employer portal with their digital signature.

So it is clear that employees themselves can’t able to add their missing details in EPF portal, those missing details of EPF subscribers have to be added by their employers in their employer portal at https://unifiedportal-emp.in/epfo/ Once employer login to their employer EPF portal with their user id and password, they have to check profile of employees by using their uan number of EPF member id.

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