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So I discovered I needed to put the energy I had mustered up in dating the opposite sex, into relationships with other women.

It felt exhilarating to set a date with an old acquaintance that can possibly lead to a friendship.

We all have our darker side, but its our lighter one that’s more attractive, presumably.I fear that I am not enough and my expectations would send him running the other way.But what I have to accept is that’s okay and if he does then he isn’t meant for me. Right Now could be anybody who shows me an inkling of interest but in reality that inkling is just that, a sliver of what I want and deserve.but dates are extra work if you need to wear a mask.Dating would be less miserable for misery-guts if they were allowed to be miserable!Content included ways to enjoy scotch, how to make a classic Rob Roy cocktail and a holiday gift guide.With this application, we provide the following functions: (for Windows and Mac) - Easily & intuitively make impressive movies of your experience taken by Action Cam.(Merge videos, GPS data overlay, slow/fast-forward editing, and trim/combine) - Get the latest notifications related to Action Cam and access Action Cam channels to get the latest information.Those relationships are my friendships and my family who take the time to show me they care by responsiveness, availability and uninterrupted quality time (my love language).In all this chaotic love story solely written by yours truly, I found myself giving light and making room for connection of female friendship.Why shouldn’t two gloomy souls, comfortable in their respective gloominess, attract each other? Like a board game, or pool, but something that lets people chat. It felt kind of shitty when it happened back then (my second date ever). Creativity is said to be associated with depression, so maybe they can find each other through expressive hobby pursuits. I’ve used gender-neutral pronouns all over this post but don’t be fooled! When I go on a first date and the girl shows happiness I am all-too-conscious of the possibility that it’s a total fakery.

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